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The pandemic caused severe stress for our children and seniors and they’re still struggling. We offer 50 free professional consultation to help seniors and youths severely impacted by COVID-19 related traumatic experiences.

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Suzanne Styles, Art Therapist, DVATI, PCAT, MA Lead

Hi, I'm Suzanne and I’m glad you are here. It would be an honour to support you as you discover how Art Therapy can bring the insight, clarity, relief and healing you seek. Resilient You Art Therapy is a strengths-based practice. I believe in your capacity to keep reaching towards hope and health and to find ways to get there. I love to facilitate environments and experiences that support people to find healing, develop skills and cultivate their strengths to reach their potential and thrive.

I lived in China for 23 years, working primarily in Mandarin. There I gained an understanding of and appreciation for the beauty and complexity of Asian culture. I also have lived experience of years in the evangelical Christian community, and then questioning, unravelling and walking away. Deconstructing? Recovering from spiritual trauma, purity culture?

With A.T. I support you to externalize what is going on inside-a beautiful process.