WordCounter: Let's find favourite words? (11-15 yrs old)

Course Description

Have you ever wondered what word your favourite Hiphop artist uses? How about your favourite movie? In this workshop we use WordCounter.io developed by Catherine D'Ignazio (MIT) and Rahul Bhargava (Northeastern University) to be "data detectives" to find interesting patterns in datasets, like music lyrics or movie scripts to discover something new.

Instructor: April Xie

April Xie is a designer with a focus on social design practice, civic media, and information visualization. Her work is grounded in a conviction for breaking silos and bringing more voices to the table. She is 1st generation Chinese-Canadian, West Toronto born and raised. She cares about politics, data, participation, stories of migration, civic tech, and representation in visual and digital storytelling. She likes bad puns.