Watercolor for Beginners

Course Description:

Digging into art deeper is like learning any other disciplines, therefore we need to learn the alphabet of creating. Undoubtedly without knowing this mandatory alphabet no artwork can be done. So this workshop tries to review one of the most important and high demand technic in visual arts as much as possible. Participants in these workshop, learn how to use water based color, they find about the quality of this medium, learn to observe an object and convey their observation onto the paper by an almost fast paste medium. Learning to make sketches by water color help those to build up their future art works better.

Course Outcomes:

  1. Getting familiar with the essential supplies in watercolor technique
  2. Understanding the importance and value of this water based color
  3. Paying more attention to shapes, forms and textures in an object
  4. 4-Obtaining the ability to see more texture and making more of them in their artworks.
  5. Managing time in a fast paced environment

Instructor: Azadeh Pirazimian

Azadeh Pirazimian is an Iranian_ Canadian multidisciplinary artist and art educator based in Toronto and a  former university lecturer from Iran. She holds a Bachelors in painting and a Masters in visual communication  from Iran. Azadeh has exhibited her works at numerous art galleries in Iran, Canada, and recently in Europe.  Since moving to Canada in 2015, her works have been shown at multiple art galleries in Toronto and Montreal,  She also worked as an artist assistant in several Mural projects across GTA and the whole time she was an art  educator in several art schools and organizations. Right now Azadeh is working as a full time artist on her most recent project which is a collection of drawings  and videos in down town Toronto at her studio.