Songwriting 101 (8+ yrs old)

Course Description

This course will introduce and reinforce fundamental concepts of music theory through live interactive lessons and listening exercises. Students will use their knowledge to write and perform their own original compositions, with visual and literary writing prompts every week. Lessons will also train students to use MuseScore notation software. They will submit sheet music and a video recorded performances of their songs throughout the course, and participate in a final virtual recital!

Course Agenda

Lesson 1 (review)

  • Time
  • Rhythm
  • Staff and musical symbols
  • Treble Clef notation
  • Bass Clef Notation

Lesson 2

  • Tempo
  • Dynamics
  • Articulation

Lesson 3

  • Tones and Semitones
  • Accidentals
  • Keys
  • Transposition

Lesson 4

  • Melody Writing
  • Harmonizing a Melody

Lesson 5

Dressed Rehearsal: each student will present the first draft of their final composition in a video and the group and the instructor will offer constructive feedback.

Lesson 6

Final recital Nov 30 at 7 pm

Instructor: Alex Whorms

Classically trained on piano and voice from childhood, Alex Whorms is an RCM-certified music teacher, composer and performer. She has toured across Ontario and New York City, and her music has been played on television, radio, and film. She was the recipient of the 2019 Hamilton Arts Award for Emerging Artist in Music.