Singing Foundations (9-13 yrs old)

Course Description

Students will learn about vocal technique and performance in this hands-on singing masterclass. Each lesson will begin with vocal warm-ups and singalongs, followed by singing pop, Broadway, and choral music. Students will have the opportunity to sing solo for the class each week and receive individual feedback. They will participate in a virtual choir, and perform in a final virtual recital!

Course Agenda

  1. Class Intros, Vocal Technique
  2. Musical Theatre Singing
  3. Choral Singing and Virtual Choir
  4. Pop Singing
  5. Recital Dressed Rehearsal
  6. Final  Recital Nov 30 at 7 pm

Instructor: Alex Whorms

Classically trained on piano and voice from childhood, Alex Whorms is an RCM-certified music teacher, composer and performer. She has toured across Ontario and New York City, and her music has been played on television, radio, and film. She was the recipient of the 2019 Hamilton Arts Award for Emerging Artist in Music.