Clay Relief

Course Description:

Clay always been considered as an absolutely therapeutic material. Clay has been seen to reduce negative mood and anxiety, bringing creativity and also healing is its another benefit. Last but not least also considered as physical rehabilitation. In these Series of workshops students would be instructed to become familiar with this natural and nontoxic material by squeezing, flatting, digging and building beside to build up their own sketch and design.

  • Session1: students would start to brainstorm their ideas and begin their sketch, letting them to build up their own sketch gave them a sense of belonging and attachment to their works.
  • Session2: They finalize their sketch and trace it clearly to be ready for the next step.
  • Session3: They become familiar with clay and its tools and start to play and get familiar; this session also can be relaxing and somehow gives them self confidence.
  • Session4: and 5 and 6, we start to dig into our design idea that already was provided, learn how transfer, scale the design onto the clay, and start to go through the actual work by measuring, flattening, carving, removing, adding, sculpting and building up the final work and let it become dry and ready.

Instructor: Azadeh Pirazimian

Azadeh Pirazimian is an Iranian_ Canadian multidisciplinary artist and art educator based in Toronto and a  former university lecturer from Iran. She holds a Bachelors in painting and a Masters in visual communication  from Iran. Azadeh has exhibited her works at numerous art galleries in Iran, Canada, and recently in Europe.  Since moving to Canada in 2015, her works have been shown at multiple art galleries in Toronto and Montreal,  She also worked as an artist assistant in several Mural projects across GTA and the whole time she was an art  educator in several art schools and organizations. Right now Azadeh is working as a full time artist on her most recent project which is a collection of drawings  and videos in down town Toronto at her studio.