Acrylic Art for Beginners

Course Description

During those two sessions we will explore the colour theory, a basic sketch to add colour, and some basic techniques on how to apply acrylics on a surface. Participants will explore as well how to paint the background and the main object and how to create textures comparing brushes with spatula.

Course Agenda

  1. Warming up using body movements and breathing exercises to prepare participants to be more present during the session.
  2. Warming up with basic drawing exercises to start moving the hand and start connecting with the drawing
  3. Showing participants a few references
  4. Session 1: drawing step by step a basic sketch, colour theory, mixed of the colours and applying colours with brushes and spatula.
  5. Session 2: drawing step by step a basic sketch, learn how to paint background and foreground combining textures and colours.
  6. Time for them to create their own illustration based on the lessons learned before.
  7. Sharing and closure

Instructor: Paula Solano

Paula was born in Bogotá, Colombia, where she studied Law and Visual Arts. She worked as a lawyer for some years when she decided to move to Canada and studied Independent Illustration at Seneca College. She have been working as an illustrator for more than 8 years, working on different commissions and she has illustrated 5 books that have been published in different countries, like UK, Hong Kong, Argentina, and Canada. She has been teaching art, creativity, and yoga during the last years, sharing the tools that have helped her during her own path. She is passionate about life and stories. Everywhere she go she bring her sketchbook and pencils with her to draw what she see and to create stories with her children. She paint and write since she was a child and she love to imagine new worlds and characters. In her free time she love to share with her family and friends, walk in nature, practice Yoga and travel to new places.